Mental Health Difficulties

For most psychiatric diagnoses, a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist is typically adequate. Furthermore, the results of neuropsychological testing may not be reliable when administered to patients with active psychotic or severe mood symptoms. However, there may be some times when a neuropsychological evaluation may be useful to psychiatric patients.

Once their psychiatric symptoms have been stabilized, a neuropsychological evaluation may be useful if an individual continues to have cognitive difficulties even when their psychiatric symptoms are in remission. A neuropsychological evaluation may also be helpful when traditional psychological interventions have not been effective.

Neuropsychological evaluations may also be useful when a patient has a very complex psychiatric and medical history. For example, an individual with history of head trauma and psychiatric difficulties may benefit from an evaluation.

There are also some individuals who have somatoform disorders and may manifest cognitive difficulties when emotionally distressed. Neuropsychological evaluations may be an effective means to diagnose patients with these difficulties and avoid more costly medical procedures (e.g., doctor shopping, repeated MRIs, etc).

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