Information and FAQs

Question: Why do I need this testing?

Answer: This depends upon your medical concerns and history.

  • These tests can tell a person whether their neurological problems may interfere with work, living independently, or school.


  • These tests can objectively measure if memory is functioning normal for their age which may be of a concern to older individuals.


  • For children, these tests can help parents and teachers work with them to achieve their highest potential.


  • These tests may help some people acquire services and financial resources that may be needed to adjust to their neurological condition.


  • There are many other reasons for these tests, if unsure you are welcome to call the Dr. Brown to discuss your concerns.

Question: What should I expect?

Answer: Initially, you will talk with a neuropsychologist about your symptoms and concerns. Then you will take a variety of tests administered to you in a one-to-one setting by a neuropsychologist.

This may take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, depending upon your difficulties. You should plan for a lunch break, and probably bring some beverages and snacks to make your testing more comfortable.

Question: Does my insurance cover this?

Answer: Most insurance covers neuropsychological evaluations. In some cases, we may need to gather information from you and request pre-approval from your insurance company prior to testing. In most cases, our office will obtain this approval for you.

In some cases, insurance companies may not cover some services. If this is the case, it will be discussed with you BEFORE any testing occurs.