Mild Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury

Typically a mild concussion or TBI does not result in any long-lasting difficulties.

However, there are exceptions to this and some patients are adamant in their belief that they are having memory and other cognitive difficulties.

Undiagnosed cognitive difficulties can have wide reaching impact on patient’s lives including problems in their vocational and interpersonal functioning

A neuropsychological evaluation provides sensitive methods of objectively measuring cognitive functioning, and comparing the results to others in the same age and demographic group. In addition, there are indices that can be used to predict premorbid functioning, effort, and even malingering.

A neuropsychological evaluation is useful for more than diagnosing problems, the results can be used for treatment recommendations, and ensuring that the interventions used are most appropriate to their problems.

Beyond cognitive assessment, a thorough evaluation can also provide information about the likelihood a patient has a somatoform or other psychological disorder that may initially appear to be neurological in nature.

Differentiation of cognitive versus psychological problems are important for patients’ quality of life.

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